If you are looking for a proper quality foosball table for cheap, then thank your lucky stars because you have come to the right place! Hello, and welcome to our discussion here today, we will be doing a Rhino Foosball Table review for you!

The Rhino Foosball Table has been receiving a lot of attention lately. And we want to find out what all the hype is about.

Is this foosball table worth your time and money? Or is just another come and go product? Please stick around and read our Rhino Brand Foosball Table review to find out. Let’s start!

The Rhino Brand Foosball Table review

At first sight: The Rhino Brand Foosball Table

The Rhino Foosball Table is not your petite foosball entertainment. This is a full-size and regulation size foosball table that measures 48 inches in width, 37 inches in height, and 57 inches in length.

It is a heavy product too. And part of this is because the majority of the Rhino Foosball Table is wood! The table comes with a stand and features H frame legs.

Speaking of which, even the legs are made from wood! The overall finish is very beautiful and rustic polished wood finish that gives off an old world and vintage feel.

Also, from what it seems, the Rhino Brand Foosball Table will need minimal assembling. All in all, the Rhino Brand Foosball Table looks great so far. Let’s dig into the details!


Knowing the dimensions of your foosball is very important if you don’t want to be banging your head against the wall when the delivery arrives.

The Rhino Foosball Table measures 55 x 29 x 36 inches in dimensions and weighs a pretty good number too. Not one of your tiny and space-friendly foosball tables.

It is the regulation size, after all! When placing and fixing a spot for this foosball table, we also suggest you consider enough space for the players on each side so that they can play and move comfortably.


The construction and design element of the Rhino Brand Foosball Table is a sight to be admired. This big and bold table is nowhere near flimsy or compromised on quality.

It is made using very high quality and thick hardwood that does not crack. For the cabin, you get a white and green interior, which sort of resembles a football field. Very fitting, of course. The rods are very nice and solid as well, and does not jam or move too loosely.

The handles on these rods are also very solid and offer great grip and playing comfort. The legs of the table have an H frame to them and are constructed from wood as well.

Each of the legs features a leveler under it so that you can ensure that the table is level and consistent on uneven floors. Apart from all these, under the rods, you will find cutouts on each side of your ball return system.

On the width of the Rhino Brand Foosball Table, you have 2 beaded, abacus scorekeepers.


  • Regulation size
  • Versatile playing configuration
  • Well-built
  • Offers height adjustability and levelers
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Flimsy leveler

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many balls does the Rhino Foosball Table come with, and in which color?

Answer: The Rhino Foosball Table comes with 2 balls, both of which are in yellow.

What’s the maximum score we can keep on the scorekeeper? Can we add more beads?

Answer: The maximum score you can keep on the scorekeeper is 5. So, that’s 5 beads on each scorekeeper on each side.

As for the addition of new beads, we are almost sure that can’t be done without having to whip out the power tools and getting busy on your own.

Do the legs come with wheels?

Answer: There aren’t any wheels on the legs.

How can I clean the Rhino Brand Foosball Table?

Answer: That’s a great question. Since the majority of the foosball table is wooden, we recommend you keep it as dry as possible.

In terms of cleaning, we highly recommend you use cleaner specifically made for wood instead of using water or soapy cleaners.

Is there a Rhino logo anywhere?

Answer: Yes. The Rhino logo is engraved in the bottom right corner of the table.

Final Verdict

A foosball table doesn’t have to cost you’re a fortune if you look in the right direction. And the Rhino Foosball Table is an excellent example of that! Despite the price, the Rhino 3000 Foosball Table is reasonably high quality and very worthy of your attention.

It is very well made reliable and durable and very high performance. If you are looking for a beautiful yet affordable piece to add to your rec room, then the Rhino Oak Foosball Table might make the cut for you.

We highly recommend you checking it out! Good stuff. And with this, it’s a wrap to our Rhino Brand Foosball Table review.

Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to read our take on this fantastic product. We will be back again soon with one of your highly requested products. Until then, take care. Adios!