How much Does a Foosball Table Cost

As a regular foosball player, you will need to have a foosball table. So, do you want to know how much does a foosball table cost? If yes, then you will know them from this content. We all know that foosball is one of the most enjoyable games to play to pass the time.

The foosball is a popular game all over the glove, and everybody wants to be pro in this game. If you don’t know how to play, then you need to learn the way to play. Four players can join the party and enjoy the foosball game.

In this content, you are going to know about the price of the best foosball table and some additional tips to play foosball. Again, you will get a buying guide which will help you to make a perfect choice. So, let’s dig into the content to know more.

Who Needs the Best Foosball Table?

Basically, those who love to play foosball and want to get part in the tournament need to practice. And for practicing, you need to have your foosball table at home or practice ground. As you know, there is no other alternative to play well other than practicing.

So, why you need the best one? In tournament gameplay, you should better know that the quality of the foosball table is very good and you need to get in touch with that quality. There is a different type of foosball table available in the market, and you need to go for the perfect one. You will find foosball table Walmart and foosball table amazon online, and they ensure the quality also. So, it’s your choice to go with the best one or the worst one.

You can also go for the second-hand foosball table which will cost you less. But, you need to follow a buying guide which will allow you to go with the perfect product quality. Again, for a brand new foosball table, you will find them in the different price ranges. You will find them under 100$ up to 1000$ and more. And, today, you will know about the quality of these foosball tables.

Under 100$ Foosball Table: How It Would Be?

If you have kids and you want them to play with foosball from the beginning, then you can go for these kinds of foosball tables. This type of foosball table is the cheapest in the market, and the size is not perfect also. There are some measurement errors on that type of table.

Again, for professional playing, I won't recommend you to go for this type of table. Kids can have fun and get an idea about how to play this game from this table. If your kids are of a very early ages, then you can go for this table, and no matter what you kids will learn it very well as this is an interesting game to play. So, you will get a foosball table under 100$, and it's amazing to have one like this.

Table from 100$ to 500$: What will you Get?

This price range is also suitable for the kids, but this type of table is better than the table from under 100$. You should know that this type of table is made of plastic and not so much durable. As you know that kids love to play foosball very much. If you want your kid to learn more than you can buy them this foosball table.

If we talk about durability, then you need to know that this type of foosball table is not so much durable, but your kids can play comfortably. Here comes the build quality of this kind of table. You will get a low-end build quality to medium quality. So, you can pick this up for your kids. They can play and enjoy the game with this foosball table.

Table from 100$ to 500$ is good for rough use, and they will provide a long life. But the most important thing is that the functionality won't work like the newly bought table. So, make sure that you are going for the perfect one with correct functionality.

Table from 500$ to 1000$: Is it Special?

If you are going to practice professionally, then you need to go with this type of foosball table. This type of foosball table is special for build quality and durability. Again, you will get full functionality with the foosball table, which will cost you between 500$-1000$.

In many clubs, you will find this type of semi-premium foosball table, which is very much appreciated in league playing. However, you can go for this type of foosball table for the amazing build quality. These types of tables are made of steel and wood so that you will get long durability.

Moreover, you can learn the game perfectly, which is very important to play a tournament or league. Now, you can play without hesitation with this price range's foosball table. Again, this product is special for the features it offers to you. So, you can certainly go to this foosball table.

Table from Over 1000$: How much Premium?

If we talk about quality, then you need to see the quality of your own eyes. This type of foosball table is one of the best in the market, and every product from this price range is better and has great quality. The build material and the design will amuse you every time while playing over this table.

Tornado foosball table is one of them, and it is well known for its build quality and durability. Again, you will get the ultimate features from this foosball table. This type of foosball table will last as long as the build material is very good.

The design of the foosball tables is also very user friendly. You can use and play foosball very well in this type of table. Moreover, you can learn foosball very well by practicing on this product, and you can improve your gameplay.

How to Choose the Perfect Foosball Table?

For playing table football you will need a foosball table. So, if you are going to buy a foosball table, then you need to follow a guide which will help you to choose the perfect one for you. So, you are requested to have a quick look at the buying guide. Let's go-

Weight :

The weight of the foosball table needs to be checked before buying. The best foosball table should weight to lift and transport easily one place to another. So, check this term perfectly, and you will get benefitted.

Build Quality :

If we talk about the build quality, then we need to talk about the build material. The cheapest product comes with cheap build material like plastic, and they won’t last long. On the other hand, if you go for the expensive product, then you will get a tremendous build quality which will last long.

So, you need to be sure what material you need to choose, and that’s how you can go for the perfect product according to your wish.

Build Design :

The design of the foosball table should be user friendly and easy to use. Choose the manufacture and brand that leaves you with the best design with your foosball table. A user-friendly design will improve your gameplay far better.

Durability :

The foosball table you are buying should be durable enough to use it every day. The best foosball table comes with extreme durability as it takes excessive pressure while playing a game or practicing. So, make sure that you are buying the best one with super durability.

Functionality :

Now, come to the most important point, which is functionality. The cheapest foosball table comes with the worst functionality, and they might not be working properly. The handle should be very smooth for having a nice playing environment. So, check the functionality before going for the foosball table. And, if you are going for a second-hand foosball table, then try to use it before buying.



Can I buy a foosball table from Amazon?

A: Yes, you will find different price range foosball tables in Amazon, and you can buy them easily. The best foosball table comes with the best features and functionality in amazon also. So, make your money worth to buy the best one.


What about Second Hand foosball table?

A:  If you are thinking about whether you should take a second-hand foosball table or not in this modern time, then you can take it by following the buying guide. Sometimes you will get the brand new table if you are lucky.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you have understood that how much does a foosball table cost to you and which one you should choose. As this a popular game, you will find lots of sellers and manufacturers for this product. But, you need to go for the best one which can improve your gaming experiences.

Practice with your foosball table more and more so that you can improve your gameplay.