A good quality foosball table can really change the atmosphere in the game room. It is interactive, social and very, very fun! But finding a proper foosball table these days so like finding a needle in a haystack.

So today we are here to help you find a proper quality foosball table. Out of the many requests we received, we are starting with a detailed and in-depth Harvard foosball table review!

Why the Harvard foosball table? Requests for this foosball table have been pouring in like crazy. And we are just as curious as you are to find out all the scoops on this product. Is the Harvard foosball table really worth your money and time? Or is it just another all-talk-and-no-show kind of thing? Let’s find out in our Harvard foosball table review!

The Harvard foosball table review

At first sight: The Harvard foosball table

The Harvard foosball table, at a glimpse, looks just like any ordinary foosball table. One thing we noticed immediately, however, is that it isn’t as large as your regulation size tables. Low and behold, when we checked for the dimensions, we were right!

The Harvard foosball table measures 54.75 inches in length, 34.5 inches in height and 30.75 inches in width. Bottom line: it isn’t your regulation size foosball table. Apart from that, you will find that the Harvard foosball table majorly consists of wooden construction.

We will get to that in a bit. Next, you have the legs of the stand which come with an H frame. And under each leg, you have a leveler too. Alright! So that’s it for the first impressions. Now, let’s dig deep into the details of this table.


1. Cabinet

The construction aspect of the Harvard foosball table looks to be fairly simple and straightforward. You have a little than regulation size table with wooden cabinet and metal legs. But there’s more to what meets the eyes.

First of all, the wooden panels on the Harvard foosball table are undeniably some of the sturdiest we have seen. It is thick and very, very strong. No doubt. One thing we did not like however is the interior of the cabinet. It isn’t your standard green and white football field interior.

The interior of the Harvard foosball table is also all wood! Something, we must confess, aren’t a big fan of. Take away from the ambiance and just isn’t great to play on. Moving on the length of the table, you will find your ball return system.

What we didn’t like even more is that fact that the Harvard foosball table, overall, feels a little toy-ish. It feels a little too lightweight for a proper and intense game. And the parts seems to fall apart every now and then too. Definitely a massive blow.

2. Scorekeeper

The scorekeepers used on the Harvard foosball table are your standard abacus style and beaded scorekeepers. We really liked that the scorekeepers come with 10 beads as opposed to your standard 5. Keeps the kids busy for longer.

3. Playing rods

Next comes the rods. The rods used on the Harvard foosball table are chrome-plated steel rods which are fairly easy to control and play with. On each end of the rod, you have solid wooden handles with 8 sides.

This not only adds to the grip but makes using the rods so much more comfortable. Not too bad.

4. Legs

The legs on the Harvard foosball table are what seems to be some sort of steel. 5-inch square legs and very likely chrome steel tube crossbars. Whatever it is, they are sturdy and strong enough to take on the weight of the cabin very rather without wobbling or shifting.

Under each leg, you have a leveler which ensures that you can adjust the Harvard foosball table down to the perfect angle even on uneven floors.

User comfort

Cup holders

There are a few things that make a product stand out from the rest. And that’s usability and user comfort. Although the Harvard foosball table doesn’t have ALL that much to offer in this department, it still has what we have our eyes on: cup holders!

The Harvard foosball table comes with a pair of cup holders to hold your beers and sodas while your play. Definitely earning a point for this one!

Harvard Foosball Table


  • Versatile playing configuration
  • Well-built
  • Hollow rods
  • Features levelers
  • Features cup holders


  • Too lightweight
  • Flimsy construction
  • Does not feature counterbalance players



How much does the Harvard foosball table weigh?

A: The Harvard foosball table weighs about a tad over 180 pounds when fully assembled.


How many goalies does the Harvard foosball table have?

A:  The Harvard foosball table features a 3 goalie configuration.


Can I find replacement players for the rods?

A: Yes, you can. The company does sell spare parts and it is best that you contact the manufacturer directly via phone or email.

Final words

Alright, guys! That was our detailed and honest Harvard foosball table review for you people! If you asked for our opinion, we’d say the Harvard foosball table isn’t for everyone. In a bad way. This is a very lightweight and flimsy table.

Just not robust enough for real matches. Experts and professionals might as well throw in it the garbage. 

Having said that, it is easy to play on and pretty. well, lightweight. Could win over the kids, but not the experts. Either way, we aren’t too happy with it. We’ll let this one pass. Just not worth it.
With this, it’s a wrap!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through our Harvard foosball table review

We hope we answered all the questions you may have had. If not, then head right down in the comment section and ask away!

We will be back soon with yet another exciting review. Until then, have fun and take care. Cheers!