Playing foosball in your home or office is really good for health as well as the mind. It will relieve you from stress and tiredness and provide you a clear and fresh mind. In addition to that, it is a great way to enjoy time with your family and friends.

However, to enjoy the full excitement of the game, you need to make sure that you have the best mini foosball table. Why it is important?
Because a good foosball table is sturdy, good looking, offers full control over the players and has an excellent even and smooth playing surface. Without these things, it is impossible to fully enjoy the game.

But the problem is, you cannot get the best one when you will go to the market, no matter it is a physical market or online market. Especially if you are new in this field or if you haven’t used it before. Then what is the solution?

Don’t panic. I am here to help you. In this article, I am going to review some of the best mini foosball tables for you that will help you to choose your one. So stay tuned with me and read the article until the end.

1. Sport Squad FX40 40-Inch Compact Mini Tabletop Foosball Table

Sport Squad FX40 40 Inch Compact Mini Tabletop Foosball Table

​If you want to stay active and want to spend real quality time with your family then this Sport Squad FX40 40-inch Compact Mini Tabletop Foosball Table can be a good option for you. This one is one of the top-rated tables you will find in the Amazon.

The table comes with a compact size of 40 inches. That means you can set it anywhere in your room or office or kitchen and enjoy the game. It features non-marking rubber pads that leave no scratches on your floor or table. And for its compact size, it is easy to store the table.

Other than that, the table features chrome steel rods that make the table sturdier. And the ergonomic rubber handles make it more comfortable and offer you more control. Moreover, the table features durable plastic players that make the entire package sturdier.

To make the game run smoothly, it has dual accessible ball returns on both of the sides. Also, 2 realistic balls will be given as well. These balls look even more realistic in the green and smooth surface. And 3 goalie ensure better defense.

Overall, this one is a great mini foosball table. The only problem you might face with this table is assembling. Since you have to assemble it by yourself, it might be a problem for you.

However, if you can adjust it, it will be a great table for you.

2. CHH 20 in. Mini Foosball Table

CHH 20 in Mini Foosball Table

​If you want to enjoy a classic game but do not have a complete room for the game then this one is for you. This small 20 inches foosball table will be your companion wherever you go.

This mini table comes with 12 sturdy players including 1 goalie on each team. The players are well made. And the entire table body is made of wood that makes it more durable. Also, it enhances the aesthetic look of the table.

There is nothing special about the table. This one is simple. But you will get whatever you need to play and enjoy the game. The table comes with 2 soccer ball so that you do not have to stop the game. And the built-in scoring slider keeps you focus on the game so that you can enjoy the excitement of the game.

After all, this one simple but will get your job done. The main drawback you might face is assembling problem. Unlike most of the mini foosball table, this one is made of wood and that is what makes the assembling a little bit more difficult.

3. Minigols Mini Foosball Table

Minigols Mini Foosball Table

​Minigols is one of the most unique mini foosball table in the world. You will rarely find this kind of table. This mini foosball system has two popular teams as well as rival teams. Barcelona and Real Madrid. I am sure you know about these two teams and their rivalries.

And to enhance the excitement of the game, the table comes with some key players include Leonel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Bale, and others. This will surely increase your excitement and fun of the game. And the players are molded as well as painted so that they look like real players.

In addition to that, the players are removable. And you can set any player to any position. That means you can set your favorite player in the striker position or other position you want.

Other than that, the table comes with 2 foosball and club sticker. You can also buy an additional player if you want. Overall, this mini table is fully able to give you excitement and enjoyment. The only problem with the table is its size. It is too small for some people.

However, that is why it is a mini foosball table. Otherwise, it is a superb table.

4. ESPN Arcade Foosball Table

ESPN Arcade Foosball Table

​Unlike the previous one that was a bit smaller, this one is a perfect option for anyone. And when it comes to the brand, I hope every sports lover knows the name, ESPN. The table is classic and attractive foosball table for everyone.

The table is well constructed and sturdy enough for a competitive game. And it is user-friendly as well. It comes with everything you need. This 54 inches perfect size table is ideal for a family game or friendly game as well.

When it comes to durability, the table features reinforced aprons and chrome plated steel rods that make the table sturdier and hold the table strongly even in intense play. In addition, it comes with a built-in bead scorer that will keep you focus the time to the game. And its built-in ball-return helps you enjoy the game fully.

It also features leg levers that deliver you an even playing surface. You better know that nothing is more important than an even playing surface when it comes to comfort and enjoyment of the game. And the good part is that the leg levers feature rubber ring that leaves no scratches on your floor. And the assembling is easy as well. You need no tools to assemble it.

However, some people find it somehow difficult to assemble the table. Other than that, there are very few mini foosball tables you will find in the market that can compete with this one

5. KICK Foosball Table Triumph Black

KICK Foosball Table Triumph Black

​Kick foosball tables comes to the market to let people enjoy the foosball game. It is created so that people can enjoy the game without the high price. The kick is old style but this will give you the real experience as well as the feel of real football.

It is basically designed for serious people who like foosball but enjoy the relaxing during the game. It comes with everything you need to play and enjoy the game.

It features 1 goalie and 2 sets of team players. In addition to that, it comes with 2 Kick premier as well as 2 soccer balls. Other than that, it features sturdy leg levelers along with rubber ring that make your playing surface even and at the same time does not leave any scratches.

To make your game more enjoyable, it comes with a built-in ball return on each of the side. Moreover, it has slide scoring that tracks your scoring so that you can focus on the game and enjoy the excitement of the game.

When it comes to rods, the Kick foosball table has 8 strong and durable steel rods that make the foosball set even stronger. Along with that, 8 nonslip handles provide you with better control and better comfort. That means you will get everything you need.

If you are still not convinced then let me tell you more. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Not only then the entire table, but each of the parts of the table also come with a lifetime warranty. Just imagine the quality of the table that offers a lifetime warranty. It is actually that much good I hope. 

6. T&S Tabletop Soccer Foosball Table

TS Tabletop Soccer Foosball Table

​If you want to enjoy a fast-paced battle and don’t want to buy any full-size compact table then this one will be a great option. This 27 inches foosball table will bring you joy and remove your tiredness. The game set offers you all the thrills and excitement of traditional foosball game including rollovers, pull shots and pull kicks.

This is a perfect table to bring to BBQs as well as parties. Its wood construction is strong enough to withstand wear and tear. Also, its four strong steel rods along with six players each side make it a perfect table for you.

It comes with two soccer ball and slide scorer that will enhance the excitement of the game. And when you will complete the game, you can easily store the game set in a closet. Overall, with this small foosball table, you can enjoy the mini-game wherever you go.

The drawbacks of this T&S Tabletop Soccer Foosball Table is that it comes with very poor assembly instruction. That means you might face some problems during the assembly. And the construction is not suitable for professional game or tournament game.

However, if you need a small foosball table for increasing the fun of the party or spending some quality time with your family and kids then this can be an ideal option for sure.

7. EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table Game

EastPoint Sports Preston Foosball Table Game

​If you need a little bit bigger table for your family and make your game room more enjoyable then this table is for you. The table is made especially for an addition to any family, friend zone, official tournament or friendly tournament. You can set the table in your man cave, rec room, basement or living room.

The table comes with everything you will need to play and enjoy the game. It comes with 2 foosball that looks like real football. This two foosball in the green surface will give you a realistic experience of playing soccer.

It features steel rods for generating maximum power. And the player rod bushings slide and spin with ease and thus it provides you great comfort as well as control. And when you will play the game, you might get involved in the excitement and intense action of the game.

The bead style scorer will keep the track of the scorings so that you can fully enjoy the game.

And lastly, it comes with oversized leg levelers that will make your table ready for the play. These leg levelers ensure an even surface for playing. An even playing surface is a key to enjoy the game and perform at the highest level.

Overall, this is a very good mid-level foosball table. You can enjoy the game with this table.

However, some customers complain that it smells really bad. Other than that, since you have to assemble it by yourself, you might face difficulty. But when it comes to the quality of the table, it is really great for the price.

Final Verdict

A mini foosball table is a really great addition to your home, office or gaming room. And this is a great way to spend quality time with your family, friends, and kids. Other than that, it is a great way to enhance the enjoyment of a party or BBQ. 

You need to choose the best mini foosball table. Otherwise, you cannot enjoy the game fully. But I know it is really difficult to find out the best one. That is why I have mentioned some of the top rated as well as best small foosball table for you.

I hope from the list, you will choose your one. And I believe you have chosen your one by now. If not, do not wait for more. Choose your one and place your order. Surprise your kids and family with this superb gift.